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Modern Molecular Photochemistry Of Organic Molecules Pdf

Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules: An Overview

Photochemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies the interactions of light and matter, and the chemical transformations that result from these interactions. Photochemistry is a powerful tool for organic synthesis, as it can enable reactions that are not possible thermally, and often provide high selectivity and efficiency. Photochemistry also plays a vital role in many biological processes, such as photosynthesis, vision, and photodynamic therapy.

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Modern molecular photochemistry of organic molecules is a comprehensive field that covers the theoretical and experimental aspects of the electronic, vibrational, and spin configurations of electronically excited states, the methods for determining the mechanisms of organic photoreactions, and the photochemistry of the basic functional groups of organic chemistry. It also includes special topics such as supramolecular organic photochemistry, which involves the photochemical behavior of organized assemblies of molecules, and the role of triplet and singlet molecular oxygen in organic photochemistry, which are highly reactive species that can induce oxidation, reduction, or rearrangement reactions.

One of the most authoritative and comprehensive texts on modern molecular photochemistry of organic molecules is the book by Turro, Ramamurthy, and Scaiano, which is a revision of Turro's classic text that has been the standard of the field for three decades. This book provides a clear and rigorous introduction to organic photochemistry in pictorial terms, and covers all the relevant topics with extensive examples and references. The book is suitable for both students and researchers who want to learn or deepen their knowledge of this fascinating area of chemistry.

Another useful resource for learning about modern molecular photochemistry of organic molecules is the review article by Mai and González, which focuses on the recent developments in theoretical photochemistry. Theoretical chemistry is particularly well-suited to predict and understand reaction mechanisms at the molecular level, as it can locate relevant structures on the potential energy surfaces and establish reaction paths connecting them. However, this task becomes challenging in situations where the molecular system exhibits many degrees of freedom and many electronic states, because this leads to a large number of critical features that need to be considered and a rapid growth in computational effort. The review article discusses the main challenges and opportunities in theoretical photochemistry, and presents some of the most advanced methods and applications in this field.

If you are interested in learning more about modern molecular photochemistry of organic molecules, you can access these resources online by clicking on the links below:

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