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My Journey

‘A dedicated Wellness Expert and proven business leader and entrepreneur who has sustained a profitable and
reputable wellness and fitness business through cross-functional leadership spanning program development, project
management, and business partnership development...'

My journey into Wellness began at 19 years old. Always obese as a child and growing up in Los Angeles, California; being a perfect size was everything, the experience with diet pills and fad diets led into a life of addiction, depression, anxiety, over-exercising, and overall extremely bad health. The only good thing that came out of that time was that I learned much about detoxing, which was done regularly. This way of life went on for over ten years.

Once my body totally gave out on me, I realized something had to change. I was always interested in holistic teas and herbs and decided to try a Chinese Medicine doctor. She changed my life! I made a commitment to be healthy
and be the size my body was naturally made to be, the correct way. The doctor was shocked that I was still alive. I drank horrible tasting teas for over a year before my body finally regained normality.

Now at 57 years young, I live a life of good health and mindfulness. I have committed to sharing my journey and continuing to learn all I can about achieving a good quality of health by natural, organic means.

Presently, I study Chinese Traditional Medicine through the kung fu culture.

I am learning from Buddhist Monks how to eat, how to heal, and how to live a good quality of life. My programs include a few of their practices such as
Meihua Quan, Qigong, Tai Jai, and Vipassana meditation as well as nutritional habits.

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