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Theodore Harris
Theodore Harris

Prison Break Season 1 Torrent

Prison Break: An innocent man is framed for the homicide of the Vice President's brother and scheduled to be executed at a super-max penitentiary, thus it's up to his younger brother to save him with his genius scheme: install himself in the same prison by holding up a bank and, as the final month ticks away, launch the escape plan step-by-step to break the both of them out, with his full-body tattoo acting as his guide; a tattoo which hides the layout of the prison facility and necessary clues vital to the escape.Prison Break Season 1 Episodes ListPilotAllenCell TestCute PoisonEnglish, Fitz or PercyRiots, Drills and the Devil (1)Riots, Drills and the Devil (2)The Old HeadTweenerSleight of HandAnd Then There Were 7Odd Man OutEnd of the TunnelThe RatBy the Skin and the TeethBrother's KeeperJ-CatBluffThe KeyTonightGoFlight

Prison Break Season 1 Torrent

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside out.

On a September night in 1974, the wet season was closing down and an encore of rain washed the streets of Monrovia, Liberia; a torrent of sky and trash--discarded slippers, supine roaches, maybe a lost crab. The rain stopped as abruptly as it started, as if a conductor had pressed his fingers together and cut the thundering chords, and then a film of humidity stretched over the city, steaming the downtown party strip that ran from Carey Street to Broad and Gurley. That night, The Maze--a small discotheque on Mechlin Street--was cramped. Some fifty people, a cut of high society, had gathered despite the weather; women in draped dresses, men in suits with pocket squares and bow ties. Nina Simone arrived at midnight, giddy on champagne and in the arms of a Liberian date. By then the umbrellas in the corner had long dried and a mirror ball was sending out spots of light, bleaching the red velour curtains over and over. The speakers rang with imported soul and disco: James Brown, The Temptations, twelve-inch records from labels like Motown's Gordy and Stax. Living for the City. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing. Not long after Simone walked in, something got to her--the place or the drink, surely--and throwing her head back in laughter, she unfastened the button at her nape, peeled off her dress, and, as the men at the bar clapped and hollered, she danced until sun up, only putting her dress back on to leave. I found another piece, a videotape.


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