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Theodore Harris

Jing Cui Xian Zun Part 2 [BETTER]

A company's ability to conduct proceedings is crucial to the protection of its interests and the interests of its stakeholders. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the company will be able to maintain its litigation competence at all times and in all circumstances. A company, as a legal abstraction, must act through natural persons. (1) Under China's civil law (2) and company law regimes, the power to represent the company is not vested in the board (3) but in an individual person, termed the legal representative. (4) The legal representative represents the company, as a legal person, (5) to exercise its powers in accordance with the law and the constitution of the legal person. (6) The legal representative of a company is normally the chairperson of the board of directors, or if the company does not have a board, the executive director or company manager. (7) The legal representative's appointment must be approved by and registered with the Bureau of Industry and Commerce Administration ("BICA"), the government department responsible for company registration.

Jing Cui Xian Zun Part 2

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