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From Justin To Kelly

In Texas, Kelly Taylor works as a waitress and singer at a bar, where many of the cowboy clientele, including Luke, flirt with her. She is invited by her college classmates Alexa and Kaya to vacation in Miami, Florida for spring break. Although she generally finds the usual spring break partying and sexual activities demeaning, she accepts the offer to escape from her miserable job. Meanwhile, Pennsylvanian college student Justin Bell is also in Miami with his friends Brandon and Eddie running the BR&J party promoter business. Brandon is just interested in one-night stands, while Eddie is a geek who is trying to meet up with his internet girlfriend Lizzie.

From Justin to Kelly

The next day, Alexa signs Kelly up for BR&J's whipped cream bikini contest so that she can see what kind of person Justin really is. Kelly is initially angry at Justin for participating in such a degrading contest, but they run into each other at a food truck and she agrees to go on a boat ride with him. They bond on the boat ("Timeless") and agree to meet at the beach the next night. Meanwhile, Brandon gets a ticket from Cutler for hosting the contest without a permit, and Kaya complains to Carlos' boss about how he's treating him, which results in Carlos being fired.

Later, Kelly is upset at Justin for not showing up at the beach ("Madness"), and Luke shows up and claims Kelly is his girlfriend. Luke and Justin start to fight but agree to settle things with a hovercraft race. Luke is injured, and Brandon gets a ticket from Cutler for gambling on the race. Justin asks Alexa for advice on how to win Kelly back, but Alexa kisses him, which Kelly sees. Carlos gets angry at Kaya for interfering with his life but later realizes that he should've stood up to his boss sooner, and apologizes to Kaya by arranging a romantic dinner for the two of them in a pool.

At a bar that night, Kelly picks up Alexa's phone and sees the messages between her and Justin, and Alexa confesses that she was jealous of all the attention Kelly gets from guys. Alexa admits to Justin that she's been trying to keep him and Kelly apart, and arranges for the two to reunite ("Anytime"). The next day Justin and Kelly, Kaya and Carlos, Brandon and Cutler, and Eddie and Lizzie dance at a pool party ("That's the Way (I Like It)").

Clarkson has since stated that before the film went into production, she pleaded with the creator of American Idol to be relieved from the contractual obligation to star in the film and that she has always disliked From Justin to Kelly.[9] In an interview, she admitted she joined the film only because she was contractually obligated to do so: "I knew when I read the script it was going to be real, real bad, but when I won, I signed that piece of paper, and I could not get out of it."[8]

The ARENA is Omaha's #1 Improv Competition pitting together 2 improv teams to find out which Omaha team is the best. Each competition is followed by previous Champions that get their own weekly slot until someone beats their record! As an added bonus, the show will start off with a set from previous Champions!

Improvisers will each pick one card at a time, each card assigned to a different challenge. They will get a chance to succeed with this challenge and advance to the next round. You can play drinking games from the audience or even participate in the show yourself. Audience participation by volunteering only, so no worries if you want to be left alone.

For the first second time ever we are running a special prank show for April Fools! We'll be picking volunteers from the audience and some special guests to come up and get pranked on stage right in front of an audience. This will be like nothing you've probably seen before and guaranteed to be the wildest show you've seen since the Oscars!

The Backline will be showcasing both veteran and up-and-coming comedians every Wednesday at 7pm. Delivering a funny and diverse cast so anyone in our audience can find their new favorite local comedians! (Sometimes we'll have guests from other cities!)Also, stick around after this show for our Open Mic at 8pm where anyone can get up on stage!

Brooke Barsell & Todd Dylan host The Backline Open Mic (standup) every Wednesday at 8pm. Each comedian will be allowed 4 minutes, and names will be drawn from a hat for those who show up before 8pm, people who show up afterward will be added to a 2nd list. Whether it's your first time or you perform weekly, why not try out your material in front of a great crowd at one of the best standup venues in town?

The ARENA is Omaha's #1 Improv Competition pitting together 2 improv teams to find out which Omaha team is the best. Each competition is followed by previous Champions that get their own weekly slot until someone beats their record! As an added bonus, the show will start off with a set from previous Champions!Whichever team wins the votes of the audience comes back the next week to face a new Challenging team, each getting 20 minutes to win over your votes. The #1 team \"4 Average People\" has won 16 weeks in a row! Will a team ever beat that record? You decide!

This standup competition features a series of standup comedians getting a wrench thrown into their sets after they've hit the stage. Challenges will be written on a piece of paper before the show, then when they get on stage to perform they'll pull one from a hat and have to include it into their sets. Challenges like performing their set in a British accent, walking around the stage like a toddler, or telling their jokes to an audience member like they are on a first date. Whatever the challenge is you can guarantee it's the only time you'll see their sets like this, and the more they struggle the funnier it is.

INTERROGATED is easily one of the best improv shows in Omaha and features Backline's top improvisers (sometimes featuring special guests too!) This fast-paced and very much 'adult-friendly' improv where we'll ask you, the audience, to confess true stories from a time where you got away with something. Maybe you stole a brownie from a roommate, or spun cookies in a football field, either way we'll take them! Our performers will create scenes based off these stories in a structured 'game-based' style of improv you'll only see similar to in LA and NYC. 041b061a72


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