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Limp Bizkit-Significant Other Full Album Zip

Limp Bizkit-Significant Other Full Album Zip

Limp Bizkit is an American rap rock band that rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s with their aggressive and energetic music. The band consists of Fred Durst (vocals), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums), and DJ Lethal (turntables). Limp Bizkit has sold over 40 million records worldwide and is one of the best-selling bands of the 21st century.

Significant Other is the second studio album by Limp Bizkit, released on June 22, 1999 by Flip and Interscope Records. The album was a huge commercial success, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and selling over 643,000 copies in its first week. It also spawned four hit singles: "Nookie", "Break Stuff", "Re-Arranged", and "N 2 Gether Now". Significant Other received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the band's musical diversity and collaboration with guest artists, but criticized their lyrics and attitude.


The album cover features a graffiti-style drawing of a man with a monkey on his back, representing the band's struggles with fame and addiction. The title Significant Other is a reference to Durst's ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him during the recording of the album. The album also contains several interludes featuring phone calls, conversations, and skits that add humor and context to the songs.

The full album zip file of Significant Other can be downloaded for free from various online sources, such as [The Internet Archive] or [YouTube]. However, downloading music illegally may violate the rights of the artists and the record labels, and may expose the user to viruses and malware. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the album legally from authorized platforms, such as [Amazon]( or [Spotify](

Significant Other is a landmark album in the history of rap rock and nu metal, and showcases Limp Bizkit's creativity and versatility. The album is a must-listen for fans of the genre and anyone who enjoys loud and energetic music.


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